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March 2, 2012

Dear Friends,

With re-enrollment contracts having been issued this week, I wanted to take a moment to reinforce among all community members an awareness of the Friends approach to education. Please take a moment to read Sidwell Friends School’s description of how Quaker values shape and inform its program. I think you will find great similarities between that school’s heart and soul and what you have come to know Harford Friends School’s to be.


I look forward to hearing your thoughts on when, how, and to what extent you are aware of these values and philosophies at work in our school community.

Have a wonderful weekend!



[Please Note: HFS welcomes general announcements from community members to be included in this section of the Weekly Collections, particularly if the announcements involve the extra-curricular activities of our students, families, faculty, and staff. Please be aware that not all requests can be accommodated each week and that the school reserves the right to publish information at its discretion.]


Tomorrow, Saturday, March 3, the Harford Friends DI Foxes will compete in the regional Destination Imagination tournament at Edgewood High School.  The team will perform in room 203 at 1:00.  Please consider coming out to cheer on our team as they present their very original skit. Plan to arrive in the performance room at the high school by 12:30 to enjoy see these talented students perform.

The Remsberg Family would like to invite everyone to “Lunch and Lambs” at their farm in Fallston on Sunday March 11th from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. The address is 2507 Pleasantville Road. This fun day gives all attending a chance to meet  the baby lambs on the farm and learn everything you would ever want to know about these beautiful animals.  The Remsberg’s are a founding family of Harford Friends School.  If you would like more information please e-mail Virginia Remsberg at virginia@remsberg.com

Harford County Arbor Day Celebration to be held on Friday April 6th beginning at 9:00 a.m. at the Scarboro Landfill.  The Harford County government is looking  for individuals, groups and organizations who want to help plant trees at the event.  To get more information or sign up for the event please contact Betsey Greene or Paul Jester at 410-638-3103 ext. 1380.

The Highlands School is offering free reading screenings to detect warning signs of reading difficulties.  They  are offered every Tuesday from 2:00-4:00 p.m.  Reading specialists are available to administer screenings for children ages 5-14 years old.  Please call the school at 410-836-1415 to schedule an appointment.

Announcements/Calendar Updates…

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.  Monday, March 5th-Friday March 16th- Donation Drive to benefit Mason- Dixon

Community Services. Please send in personal care/ hygiene items or cleaning products. These items

are needed for men, women, children and infants.  Bins will be located in the school office and classrooms

for these items.  All donations will be doubled by a grant to Mason Dixon from a local foundation. If you

donate one item, they get two!  Cash or check donations can also be made.  Checks to Mason- Dixon

Community Services can be  dropped off in the school office. Please donate to help our friends in need.

.   Tuesday March 6th-Parent Coffee with Head of School, 8:05-8:55 a.m.

Kindly RSVP if you will be attending to dtridone@harfordfriends.org

. Thursday March 8th- Science Fair- all grades- 6:00- 8:00 p.m. Students are to arrive by 5:40 p.m.

Student attendance is mandatory for this event.

.    Friday March 9th- Parent led activities 1:30-3:00 p.m.

.    Friday March 16th- Field Trips for all grades except 3/4.

.    Monday March 19th-Friday March 23- Spring Break.  School Closed.

.     Monday March 26th- Required work session for all students missing work from 3rd quarter .

Session will run from 3-5 p.m.  The third quarter ends Tuesday March 27th.

.      Wednesday March 28th- Field Trip grades 3/4 to Goucher College  for a play from 9:30-12:30.

. Friday March 30th- Half day for students.  Dismissal 12:00

HFS Grade 8 Weekly Collections

NOTES from Humanities-8…

History 8: Students are still refining their Harford County topics which include:  Aberdeen Proving Ground, Old Joppatowne, Ma & Pa Railroad, The Bush Declaration, and Freedom Riders of Harford County.  We look forward to our visit to Whiteford Library on March 16 to continue our research using print materials and databases.

English 8: Students are working on revising their rough drafts of theme essays on The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.  They have improved greatly in their ability to use information from the novel to support their ideas. This skill will be helpful in writing the history research paper.

NOTES from Technology-8…

Algebra I: The Algebra I students have been busily engaged in solving application problems related to exponential growth.  While not always the most appealing applications, we have been modeling such topics as growth of mold on bread, growth of bacteria on teeth, growth of populations of snakes, beetles, and wolves.  In all applications, we have analyzed tables of data, “J”-shaped curves , and algebraic equations of exponential functions.  A quiz was administered on Thursday, and we will continue our analysis of exponential functions through radioactive decay and logistic or “S”-shaped curves.  We will also begin writing our short sci-fi stories on “out of control” exponential growth next week.

Science:  The 8th graders found themselves studying properties of light this week.  They’ve hung thermometers in windows, carried radiometers around the building exploring different intensities of light, tried to evaporate water with a light bulb and huddled up in the dark elevator hallway exploring flashlights, prisms and different color filters.  Science fair is next week!  The projects are due on Tuesday, the fair is on Thursday.  Attendance at the fair is mandatory.  Students should dress nicely and be prepared to explain their work over and over again.

NOTES from Explorations-8…

Computer Technology-8: No class this week due to illness. Extra Science Fair time allowed instead. Please bring ear buds to class. Any student that misses Computer Technology class during the Brainology unit will make up the missing class on Tuesdays at 11:35 a.m. instead of Committee meetings.

Music-8: This week the composition students put the finishing touches on their musical phrases and sound effects to enhance the story of The Three Little Pigs.  They are finalizing the project by transcribing sheet music for each instrument in the 5th and 6th grade band.

Spanish-8: We are still learning about the family and the home.  We have also learned some new verbs and new ways to use them.  Don’t forget…Menu projects are due 3/13.

HFS Grade 7 Weekly Collections

NOTES from Humanities-7…

English-7:. Students continue to research their Detectives for the upcoming symposium (date to be announced – late March).  In addition to finding information about the fictional detective, they are looking into the background of the author, as well as reading one of the mystery stories related to their detective.  We continue to work on revising their written work and tackling fragments and run on sentences in their revisions.

Social Studies-7: The 7th Grade Social Studies students have been learning about the African countries that gained independence from Europe during the 1900’s. As they discovered, some countries were able to win independence peacefully while others could only accomplish their goal through war. The students learned how the countries reached their goal through strategies like boycotting and guerrilla warfare while constantly spreading the idea of Pan-Africanism. The students will have a quiz on this section before moving on to learning about the challenges of building new forms of government and maintaining economic stability that the Africans faced.

NOTES from Technology-7…

Math-B (pre-Algebra): We are working on multiplying and dividing integers and will be finishing that next week.  Expect a quiz later next week on Investigation 3.  Then we will start on properties of operations.

Science-7: The 7th graders quickly caught on to the concepts of electron arrangement and are having fun doing quick draw pictures of elements 1-20.  They’ve learned about the organization of the periodic table and had a surprise visit from Dmitri Mendeleev.  Science fair is next week!  The projects are due on Tuesday, the fair is on Thursday.  Attendance at the fair is mandatory.  Students should dress nicely and be prepared to explain their work over and over again.

NOTES from Explorations-7…

Computer Technology-7: No class this week due to illness. Extra Science Fair time allowed instead. Please bring ear buds to class. Any student that misses Computer Technology class during the Brainology unit will make up the missing class on Tuesdays at 11:35 a.m. instead of Committee meetings.

Music-7: This week the music history students continued to dive into the Baroque period by discovering two pieces of music by G.F. Handel.   Students analyzed the components of the Hallelujah Chorus and Water Music .  Students also compiled a class Venn diagram poster that consisted of comparing and contrasting the lives of Bach and Handel.

Spanish-7 We took the questions and answers quiz and dove further into our vocabulary for clothing and school supplies.  Expect a quiz next Thursday on those words.

HFS Grade 5/6 Weekly Collections

NOTES from Humanities-5/6…

While continuing their journey through “Jungle Crossing,” the 5th and 6th grade students have been learning about text features. After a quick review, they flipped through various textbooks to identify as many text features as possible and then discussed the purpose for each. They learned why text features are necessary to increase reader comprehension and entertainment when they compared a nonfiction passage written with no text features to the same passage written with bold words, pictures, captions, etc. The students had the chance to demonstrate their understanding by using laptops to improve a very boring nonfiction text by adding self-selected text features. Next week we will begin discussing the different types of text structure. Like text features, these help increase the reader’s comprehension and will help the students to be better readers and writers. In Social Studies, the students are discovering the events that led up to the fall of the Roman Empire. After making predictions, they read to find out which ones were fairly accurate (corrupt rulers) and which ones were not (aliens). They examined the cause/effect relationships and saw how one problem after another was enough to bring down such a powerful empire. They studied the Germanic tribes who invaded the empire. After gathering information about the Vandals, Visigoths, and Huns, they presented their findings to the class. Next week, we will discuss the rule of Constantine, the acceptance of Christianity, and the final days of the eastern empire. The end of our Roman unit is quickly approaching. The students can expect a quiz on the last two sections and then start preparing for a unit test encompassing all they have learned about Rome.

NOTES from Technology-5/6…

Math-A: The Math A students have become experts at writing number sentences involving fractions. They have done a lot of practice adding and subtracting fractions as they worked with fractional land areas and amounts of spices in various recipes. The students reviewed what fact families are. They wrote out the fact families of many different fractions. These will help as the students solve beginning algebra problems. The students also worked on writing their own algorithms for adding and subtracting fractions. They looked for patterns and wrote down their findings so solving problems in the future will be easier. We will have a quiz on the first two investigations of “Bits and Pieces II” early next week. After that, we will begin the third investigation, in which the students will be introduced to multiplying fractions. The first problem we will tackle will be in understanding why a product of two fractions is smaller than the two factors.

Science-5/6: The 5/6th grade class expanded our study of the circulatory system this week by exploring blood.  We modeled the components, looked at a slide of red blood cells, acted out what happens when different blood types are mixed and laughed at poorly drawn images of pregnant mothers and babies with incompatible RH factors.  Science fair is next week!  The projects are due on Tuesday, the fair is on Thursday.  Attendance at the fair is mandatory.  Students should dress nicely and be prepared to explain their work over and over again.

NOTES from Explorations-5/6…

Computer Technology-5/6: After a short assessment of Brain Basics, the class worked to identify new ways to learn and remember  the parts and functions of the frontal, parietal, occipital and temporal lobes. Please bring ear buds to class. Any student that misses Computer Technology class during the Brainology unit will make up the missing class on Tuesdays at 11:35 a.m. instead of Committee meetings.

Music-5/6: The 5th and 6th grade band students continued to practice songs containing the 2/4 time signature.  They did a good job of playing Frere Jacques as a round and are beginning to demonstrate an understanding of crescendos and decrescendos.   Keep practicing your instrument at home so you can log minutes on your practice chart! Practice charts are due Friday, March 9 with initials from a parent.

Spanish-5/6: We took our quiz on our likes and dislikes and started learning sports vocabulary.  We will still be using “gustar” we will just add more possibilities to what we can like or dislike.

HFS Lower School Weekly Collections

NOTES from the 3/4 Intermediate Classroom…

Happy Leap Day!  The students enjoyed some fun activities to commemorate this rare event, including a leaping challenge and the completion of a mini-time capsule.  In Reading, we are focusing on The Hundred Dresses, which is also our field trip this month.  We will journey to Goucher College on March 28 to see the stage presentation of this important story.  In Writing Workshop, the students are working toward the completion of their realistic fiction stories.  In Social Studies, we have begun our new unit on cities.  The project for this unit will be completed in class (you’re welcome!), as the students demonstrate through a model the transformation of an area from rural to urban over the next 8-10 weeks.  State posters were due today, and the next ones will be due on March 16.  In Science, our focus remains on simple machines, as the students finish their Science Fair projects (due on Tuesday, March 6) and prepare for a unit assessment on Thursday, March 8.  Each student has received a study guide, which we went over in class and highlighted for at-home review.  The intermediate math group explored the properties of circles this week and will be exploring 3-dimensional shapes next week.  Have a great week!

Computer Technology-3/4: The long awaited lesson on emoticons was this week. J We began an overview of spreadsheets. Next week we will create a multiplication table with formulas.

Music-3/4: This week the third and fourth graders learned their sixth note on their instruments.  They also discovered a new time signature that has two beats in each measure: 2/4.   Keep practicing your instruments at home and don’t forget to fill in your practice chart! Practice charts are due Friday, March 9 with initials from a parent.

Spanish-3/4: We started learning more food words this week.  We will do more with those words next week possibly in small dialogues.

NOTES from the 1/2 Primary Grades Classroom…

This week the in language arts the primary class continues reading “The Secret Zoo.”  They began the week reviewing the many different characters we have met throughout the book so far and put a character web on chart paper.  Then we connected with string the characters that are connected to each other and wrote on post-its how they are connected, by the end of this we had many different colors of string going every which way.  The class also finished their final drafts of their autobiographies. Along with that they worked on editing paragraphs, so they will know what to look for in their writing.   In science, the class put together their science fair poster for the science fair next Thursday, March 8th.  The class is very excited to share their experiment with all of the visitors coming.  In theme, the class continues to learn about clothing.  This week the class worked on creating outfits for the different seasons and they will write what fabric the articles of clothing are made out of.  On Friday, March 10th the primary class will be going to Forest Hill Health and Fitness, where Ms. Laurie will be teaching the class about nutrition, along with doing some other activities at the gym.

Computer Technology-1/2: –Students practiced Internet research and navigation skills and learned about countries around the world.

Music-1/2: This week the first and second grade students learned the final three verses to our new song, Watch Over Little Eyes What You See.  They discovered new instrument sounds, such as the bassoon and oboe, in the classic story of Peter and the Wolf.  We watched part one in class this week and the students are looking forward to seeing what happens in part two!

Spanish-1/2: We finished all our house activities.  Now we are talking about adjectives in Spanish.  We will describing many things.

NOTES from the Kindergarten Classroom…

Kindergarten sequenced story events, and analyzed story structures in our Get Ready Stories. We continue to build automaticity and fluency, reading our stories to one another and our families.  We are examining word order and punctuation in sentences.

Kindergarten worked with money exchanges for pennies, nickels, and dimes.  We introduced comparison number stories, and practiced answering the question, “How many more/less items were there?”  We learned about skip counting by twos and dividing items in half.

We continued our observations of water droplets, seeing their shapes and sizes, how big they can become, and what happens when we drop water from higher heights.

Kindergarten Spanish: We reviewed our numbers to 20 and made another part in our Activity books.  We also learned  a song and watched a video about the family.  Next week we will learn some animals.