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Barnes & Noble Book Sale

Please be our guest at our Annual Barnes & Noble Book Fair.  The book fair is held at the Bel Air Barnes & Noble December  13, 2014.   You can also support us online during the between 12/13/14-12/18/14 using the book fair id. In addition to holiday shopping...

A Taste of Excellence Wine-Tasting

Come…. Celebrate the spirit of Harford Friends School, guided by high expectations and the pursuit of excellence, with friends at our annual wine tasting event, A Taste of Excellence. Sample the best the region has to offer in fine wines and fine food at the...

Applying to high schools

Did you know that Friends School of Harford students receive preferential acceptance to Friends School of Baltimore?

What parents say about Harford Friends School

“The quality of HFS’s teachers and the school’s leadership was obvious during my visit.  The 7th and 8th grade students I observed were presenting (and understanding!) mathematical proofs I didn’t learn until well into high school.  It is apparent that HFS’s leaders are committed to excellence, and that they provide their students with a challenging and nurturing environment.”

- Prospective HFS parent

“My daughter is doing well in high school.  She started out at somewhat of a disadvantage, knowing very few students, when most of them knew each other from middle school.  This did not seem to bother her too much.  When I ask who she sits with at lunch, she says she often just sits down wherever she sees a space, and sometimes the kids there talk to her and sometimes they don’t.  She joined the soccer team, both because she loves soccer and in order to make friends.  She has stuck with it even though it is a demanding schedule (game or practice — 2.5 hours) every week day.  This has required her to be more efficient with her school work (never her strong point.)  She made a hard but mature decision not to try out for the school play, since her schedule with soccer was already so demanding, but I think she will look for opportunities to be involved in school drama productions now that the soccer season is ending.

I think she is recognized as a good critical thinker and a great writer, both skills she honed at HFS.  I think that the social conscience she developed at HFS helps her identify prejudice and other “problem thinking” among her peers.  She may not speak up, but she processes it and we discuss it at home.

Of her classes, I think she enjoys her Honors US Government class the most, even though it is the most work.  She needs very little help or guidance in her assignments, and is earning excellent grades.  She is somewhat disappointed in her Honors English class, even though she enjoys the reading.  I think she was spoiled by the literature and humanities teaching at HFS, and it will be a hard act for any teacher to follow.”

- HFS Parent

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