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Property Analysis: An invitation to India

No stranger to British visitors, India, itself something of a riddle to a western mind, is riddled with reminders of British rule. Continue reading “Property Analysis: An invitation to India” »

Energy efficient France

France has already implemented the directive from the EU that states home owners must have a Certificate of Energy Efficiency for the property before it can be sold. Continue reading “Energy efficient France” »

How To Buy A Phuket Property At Bank Or Land Auction

Most foreigners don’t know that many properties in Phuket can be bought either from a land auction or public real estate auctions. Many auctions are taking place on the island every day and if you’re in the right place at the right time, you can buy one of these properties at a nice discount. You also can enjoy the savings of buying a property at auction in Phuket if you remember my few tips of the trade. Continue reading “How To Buy A Phuket Property At Bank Or Land Auction” »

Nanaimo Condos

If you are either, living in, looking for or trying to sell or buy a condo in Nanaimo, you need to check out Nanaimo condos. Nanaimo Condos also covers townhouses, patio homes and apartment sales. Continue reading “Nanaimo Condos” »

Invest in Jaypee Greens Residential Property in Noida

Jaypee Greens is Jaypee Group’s large scale residential and commercial property project in Noida and Greater Noida. Continue reading “Invest in Jaypee Greens Residential Property in Noida” »

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